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nexus FUELS, LLC is a waste management and energy production company that has developed a commercial-scale process (Nexus Technology) for converting waste plastics into fuels, which can be further refined into a full range of products. Nexus can dispose of clean plastic numbers 2 ♴(HDPE), 4 ♶(LDPE), 5 ♷(PP) and 6 ♸(PS). Contact Us about recycling your waste plastic or if you would like more details about our products!

nexus uses its proprietary Nexus Technology to convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into various fuels collectively called nexus ENERGY – high grade fuel composed of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, heavy oils, and waxes. Nexus technology uses thermal depolymerization (pyrolysis) to break long-chain hydrocarbons into smaller chains. nexus FUELS has perfected the technology to create a highly efficient system while providing a low-cost, environmentally friendly products for our customers.




EROEI – Energy Returned Over Energy Invested

The higher the EROEI the more efficient, effective, and economic the system



Nexus Plastics to Fuel 30-600%


Nexus Plastics to Fuel 30-600%

Oil Production0%


Nuclear (w/diffusion enrichment)0%

Natural Gas0%


shale Oil0%

Ethanol - Sugar cane0%

Other Pyrolysis Companies0%

Closest competitors

Other Pyrolysis Companies (Closest Competitors)0%

Bitumen tar sands0%

Solar Flat Plate0%



Source: Published energy reports and analyses, excludes energy for scrubbing, Nexus outputs only H2O and CO2 (at low levels).

Nexus is Environmentally Conscious about being Environmentally Conscious – the Nexus process is “closed loop” resulting in minimal impacts to the environment.

Nexus impacts, far below environmental limits.

Nexus is Environmentally Conscious about being Environmentally Conscious – the Nexus process is “closed loop” resulting in minimal impacts to the environment.

Nexus impacts far below environmental limits.


  • Commercially scalable 50 Tons-per-day plant running, producing, and distributing product
  • Supporting software control systems created and owned by Nexus provides automation efficiencies for current and future operations
  • Feedstock stockpiled (Nexus system can tolerate contamination)
  • Environmental permits in place
  • Expanding group of committed and satisfied off-take customers
  • On-site quality control laboratory focused on testing potential feedstock, process monitoring, and ensuring fuel quality
  • Established in-house workshop for maintenance, repairs and rapid design/implementation of new solutions
  • Dedicated/trained cross-functional team and plant operators positioned to grow current operation, Nexus works with partners to operate plants together and train employees rather than license
  • Extensive vetted list of vendors and suppliers for rapid roll-out of follow-on operations – including all in-house design elements and “institutional” knowledge
  • Competence across key functions in training, HR, legal, finance, regulatory, safety, and other critical activities for rapid scaling
  • Strong reputation among key partners, vendors, operators, and other supporting entities

Nexus stands at forefront of an important part of an environmentally friendly economic engine. Waste can be reclaimed and then successfully handled post-consumption through conversion into a practical end-of-life solution, as consumable fuel.

How can we help you meet your sustainability goals?

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Nexus is located 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta,
and from the Atlanta International Airport.
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