What Sets Nexus Fuels Apart

NEXUS uses its specially developed Nexus Technology to convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into Nexus Energy, a very high grade fuel composed of a mixture of naptha (light hydrocarbon oil), gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and heavy oil/wax. Through pyrolysis, Nexus technology uses thermal depolymerization to break long-chain hydrocarbons into smaller chains using heat. Nexus Fuels has perfected our technology to create a highly efficient system while providing Nexus Energy, a low-cost, environmentally friendly product for our customers.

Advantages of Nexus Fuels:

  • Reduces Costs of Waste Disposal
  • Removes Low-value Plastics from Waste Stream
  • Continuous Process Means More Efficient Energy Use
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Char Minimization Process
  • Cutting Edge Automation and Controls
  • Minimal Environmental Impact

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Actual Crude Product During Plant Operation

Who Are We?

Nexus Fuels, LLC, a firm specializing in energy-efficient production of fuels from waste plastic feedstock, has been actively involved in plastics and material recycling for over 20 years.

Our Pledge of Excellence!

Our Company Mission
The Nexus Fuels mission is to make a positive contribution to waste reduction, liquid fuel production, and community
development through our innovative technologies and knowledge.
Our Strategy
The Nexus Fuels strategy is to profitably convert waste plastics into fuels meeting the global desire to reduce discarded materials and satisfy the demand for renewable alternatives; at market driven, not “green”, prices while reducing air pollutants and landfill loading.
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At Nexus Fuels We Pride Ourselves in Producing a Quality Product

Nexus Fuels diverts difficult-to-recycle waste plastic away from garbage streams and complements recycling efforts and produces Nexus Energy products that set the standard for excellence.

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