Nexus Fuels: Converting Waste Plastics to High Grade Fuels

Efficient waste management and energy production through Nexus Technology.

What We Do!

Nexus Fuels, LLC  is a waste management and energy production company that has developed a commercial process (Nexus Technology) for converting waste plastics into fuels, which can be further refined into a full range of Nexus Energy products.  NEXUS can dispose of clean plastic numbers 2,4,5 and 6. Contact us about recycling your waste plastic or if you would like more details about our Nexus Energy products!

  • A Waste Management Solution
  • Reduces Plastic Waste from Being Landfilled
  • Process is Environmentally Safe
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Alternative Solution that Makes Sense
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Nexus Technology

Transforms Waste

A vast majority of waste plastic from commercial, industrial, and municipal sources is placed in landfills each year. NEXUS has perfected modern alchemy by converting this low-value plastic into high-value fuels.

Produces Nexus Energy

Nexus Fuels uses modern pyrolysis technology to convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into high grade fuel, composed of a mixture of naptha (light hydrocarbon oil), gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and heavy oil/wax.

Energy Smart

Nexus technology achieves extraordinary energy balance unmatched in the alternative fuels industry. Our cutting edge design, automation and controls result in higher yields, higher quality product, and low cost of operation.

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Learn more about our cutting edge process here and see what kind of Nexus Energy we can produce for you.

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